To Whom It May Concern:
I have been a federal prosecutor for over thirty years and am writing as a professional reference for Cory Brown. Cory recently served as an expert witness in one of my federal criminal cases. He made a ZetX presentation consisting of a compilation of cell site information, toll analysis, and corroborative material to establish the places and times traveled by the defendants. He also qualified as an expert in court regarding the geolocation data and testified in a professional and effective manner. His testimony was critical in securing convictions in a high-profile case.
I would highly recommend Cory Brown to anyone who needs to present geolocation information in a court case. His knowledge about geolocation data and his attention to detail is superior. He is also easy to work with and extremely responsive.
I have worked with Cory on other criminal cases in the past involving different subject matters and have always found him to be the consummate professional. If you would like additional information about Cory, please contact me at (559) 274-8993.
/s/ Karen Escobar
Karen Escobar

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