Cory Brown has over 25 years in law enforcement and has been assigned as an investigator to general crimes, gangs, and robbery/homicide. He was appointed to a federal Safe Street Taskforce run by the FBI to conduct long-term gang leadership investigations. He has performed thousands of investigations ranging from basic theft to multi-year, multi-defendant RICO and no-body homicide investigations. He has worked with multiple local, state, and federal agencies during these investigations. This experience has given Cory Brown a well-rounded understanding of criminal investigation techniques. With this knowledge, he can review cases and investigations for issues that may be raised in court or assist in how to push an investigation forward. 
Cory Brown has hundreds of hours of call detail record analysis and geolocation mapping training. He has a subject matter expert certification in call detail record analysis and geolocation from the ZetX corporation. He has testified as an expert in state and federal courts to call detail record analysis, geolocation maps, handoff distance, hand mapping handoff distance, and created videos.  He has conducted call detail records analysis while investigating hundreds of criminal cases. Cory Brown has hundreds of hours of training in crime scene investigation, including crime scene reconstruction, advanced shooting reconstruction, and blood spatter pattern analysis. Cory Brown has testified as an expert in crime scene processing, shooting reconstruction, and blood spatter pattern analysis.
Cory Brown has been running Astrea Investigations since 2020 and is licensed in the State of Florida as a Private Investigator, License #C3200336, PI Agency License A3300010.
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